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By | July 27, 2019

WhatsManager – Tools for WhatsApp – Send message without enlisting new contact, lock whatsapp, evacuate copy documents, show or cover up whatsapp media records on display, clean all whatsapp records and spare space.

Status Download:

Download the Status that your companions distributed, in the wake of survey a status in WhatsApp, you would already be able to download and impart to this component.

Direct Message:

Tired of getting enrolled contact of item venders, pizzeria, among others? With the Direct Message highlight, it will never again be important to enlist the contact before speaking with somebody who does not

need to have in the contacts, communicate something specific legitimately to the ideal number (notwithstanding for your own number, it is conceivable!), so natural and direct!Do you know those records that you get in 3 bunches something very similar? So these documents wind up producing copy records and occupying superfluous room

on your cell phone, with this element you can distinguish and expel every copy medium on your gadget identified with WhatsApp, so you can free up space for what is

extremely significant for you.

Lock Chat:

Keep inquisitive away from your discussions, obstruct your WhatsApp that will possibly open when the right secret key is drawn.

General Cleaning:

Complete the cleanup of all WhatsApp documents that are occupying room on your telephone, at the same time, basic, simple and quick, have a cleaner gadget.


Take control under your media, show or shroud WhatsApp photographs, recordings, and GIFs that are showing up in your display, with this element is additionally conceivable

have the control of the sounds that shows up in your music applications.

Permeability highlight setting aside some effort to demonstrate/conceal documents:

The permeability highlight acts related to the media database that is utilized by all applications when the database is refreshed by covering up

or on the other hand indicating media, outsider applications (displays, music) set aside some effort to process and refresh in their applications, the time it takes is controlled

related to the working framework.

Perceivability Feature:

Some Gallery and Music applications don’t check when to show the media, making this element have no impact.Significant NOTE FOR USERS OF HUAWEI AND XIAOMI APPLIANCE.These gadgets have administrations that do Lock Chat administration not work fittingly.Notwithstanding the conventional consents required by Android, these gadgets require.explicit authorizations to be allowed physically.Standard Gallery application that comes in XIAOMI gadgets don’t check when to show the media, causing this component to have no impact.

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