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By | March 11, 2019

Smart Launcher 5 Pro Mode Apk For Android

Smart Launcher 5 

Accelerate your gadget with Smart Launcher 5. The creative launcher that makes your Android increasingly instinctive and efficient. Discover why it has been downloaded by more than 20 million individuals. Brilliant Launcher 5 is totally not quite the same as some other launcher on Play Store. It’s not founded on the AOSP launcher. 
Brilliant Launcher is back and has been totally reestablished! Brilliant Launcher is the imaginative launcher that makes your cell phone or tablet quicker and simpler to utilize. 

What’s in Smart Launcher? 

Encompassing subject 

Versatile symbols 

Programmed application arranging 

Applications are consequently arranged in classes, you won’t have to sit idle sorting out your symbols any longer! 

Intended to be utilized with one hand 

We moved the things you have to communicate the most in the base piece of the screen where they are simpler to reach. 

Ultra vivid mode 
Savvy look 

The Smart Launcher look bar permits to rapidly discover contacts and applications or to perform activities like seeking on the web, including a contact or playing out an estimation. 

Worked in clock gadget with climate 

The implicit gadget has been updated to indicate information like caution, next occasion and climate. 

On screen warnings 

Keen Launcher will presently demonstrate to you which applications have dynamic warnings without requiring to download an outside module. This makes the element increasingly steady and solid. 

Signals and hotkeys 

The two signals and hotkeys are bolstered and configurable. You can kill the screen with a twofold tap or demonstrate the notice board with a swipe. 


Keen Launcher is totally adaptable gratitude to numerous alternatives. 

Backdrop choice 

Shrewd Launcher is network driven task, consistently refreshed with new highlights to help the latest Android APIs and new gadgets. You can join our locale and discover how to wind up a beta analyzer utilizing this connection: 


– Feature pack 2018 renamed to Feature Pack 2018-2019. It will be the main element pack accessible amid 2019 and will be refreshed with new highlights amid the year. 

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