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By | March 15, 2020

Oops! Applock pro-APK free download. I am Armaan Ali from Tips4Net. In this article, I will tell you the most amazing and interesting app to lock your private content like whats-app. With this new and dynamic technology, you will be completely secured. Many people use a different type of apps lock to secure their content but Oops AppLock is the best ever app for users. Sometimes in our family, some people take our phone to get access to WhatsApp and know our secrets. But friends in this article I will tell you the most amazing and helpful app for your safety and security. In our Website, you will be able to get more apps so visit the site home page


First of all, you download the app by clicking on the link given below and then you install it.

First Step

First thing you should know about Oops AppLock that it install in your mobile as K Note to hide from others. To open Oops AppLock open K Note and enter the Volume Key pattern that you will be creating in the next screen.

2 Note

Now you just enter the volume pattern you use in Oops Applocker. Then you will be entered in the Oops Applock setting from there you can manage everything.

3 step

You can enter the volume pattern lock-in Oops Applock. You can use volume up and volume down key as lock and enter times you want.

4 Step

Now you will direct to the security question. You set any security question and it will help you to recover your password in case you forget your password. Oops Applock pro APK free download

In Oops Applock you can lock your content in three different ways. You can make the screen black and transparent and you can also use your custom picture on the app you want to lock.

Now I am providing the Oops AppLock link below. You will be able to download and install oops applock pro apk. If you do not understand the above procedure you can also watch our video given below. We also upload videos on YouTube channel Tips 4 Net

The Best demonstration is that one which give benefits to the business. I surprisingly like to build the audience an extraordinary partnership. You can surely see how is online on WhatsApp. But sometimes people block you to see this. Then how can we see when he or she is online. The best and the advanced technique I will tell you above and you can also follow this below. If I ask you you can change the technology you will be surprised to know this. But I am trying to explain the different things above.


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