Nomedia for Android – APK Free Download

By | January 14, 2019
Nomedia for Android - APK Free Download


The portrayal of Nomedia 

ℹ️※ What would it be able to do? 

📁1. Make “.nomedia” document in the containing registry flagging the media scanner to disregard media, in order to stowing away futile and excess media file(image/photograph, music, video) in Gallery, Music Player,

🔍2. Use as a media scanner, discover every one of the media file(image/photograph, music, video) on your gadget, and refresh to the media store, so you can see the media record in Gallery, Music Player, Video Player and other APP base on media store. 

ℹ️※ What is this: 

This APP can assist you with creating or expel a document called .nomedia in a 

envelope contains media documents effectively. 

ℹ️※ What is a .nomedia record? 

.nomedia record flagging the media scanner to disregard media in the containing registry and its subdirectories. This keeps media scanner from perusing your media files(image, video, sound) and giving them to other apps(Gallery, Music Player, Video Player and so on.) through the MediaStore content supplier. 

In the event that you need to filter all the photograph/picture/music/video on your gadget; 

In the event that the Gallery, Media Player dependably stack a few pictures, recordings or sounds which you do believe are futile, excess. 

At that point this APP might be what you require. 


The principle motivation behind this application is let the garbage media files(which we do think) don’t appear in some APP(such as the Gallery, Play Music) in light of MediaStore. It’s anything but an apparatus to conceal records and ensure your security, as documents might be appear in record supervisor APPs. 

Nomedia for Android - APK Free Download

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