Hidden Torch- Image & Video Vault Apk Free

By | June 12, 2020

Hidden Torch- Image & Video Vault

Hidden Torch- Image & Video Vault with lock and fingerprint support. hidden gallery overlaying vault manually change lock pattern according to you in hidden torch-image & video vault. This app looking like a normal torch application but it has invalid under secret hidden gallery place area where you easily hide you’re all privacy as photo, video, and file docs under lock pin, pattern, and fingerprint security. Exclusively app has to value secure. Your privacy photo & video hide which is no one know about this hidden torch all family and friend never find out your privacy only you can see this to unlock security. they only use for the torch.


Above all, you have the option to upload locked and encrypted data to your Dropbox account. This app is the Swiss army knife for smartphone data privacy. App lock is the perfect smart lock app for your smartphone. It prevents other users from accessing certain apps on your device. This improved Locker hides and password-protects your sensitive apps on your Android phone. allows you to Photo Lock and Video Lock your stuff. Create new albums and organize your photos and videos at your convenience. You can shoot pictures or make videos directly within the app as well.

How To Use?

With this application, you can easily secure all your sensitive cards such as credit cards, ATM cards, driving license, ID cards, and other types of card details. Write secret notes and to-do lists with the option to attach photos and audio recordings. Categorize them for easy management. Yes, your files and pictures will be completely safe all you need to do is just reinstall this Easy Vault and it will restore your previous pictures and files.

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