Amazing WiFi App Premium Free 2019

By | June 26, 2019

If you want to be hacker in front of friends then install our WiFi Password

Hacker app, generate password for your selected WiFi network, show it to friends and

make them fool, This is basically a prank app that makes a fake hacking process to make

a fun with friends and prank them. You can impress your friend by using WiFi Password

Hacker and can show off that you know hacking.
This app has a beautiful Graphical Interface, Easy and understandable Layouts,

Impressive sequence in steps of process.
This is just a Prank app for fun and entertainment to enjoy with your friends
and family group.


That work for WiFi password you will easily get the password of any Wi-Fi with this amazing application this application is a basically very simple and easy application you download just link is below and enjoy the application full functions is available in this application and if you found any difficulty in using this application you must comment in the law this application is basically divided by the helpers and very good application for password getting and you will easily see the password of connected WiFi are improve your WiFi Signals and other person features are available in this application and it is free of cost for all people in the world I hope you like the most


No we will discuss the features in the application this application the first feature is a single improvement you can improve your single sometime the in the area if you face a problem like a single is low in your area and you can’t connect your Wi-Fi with proper Speed .In fact you can connect the Far Away.New Features:
Now to make it more interesting we have added new functionality like Wifi Hotspot .Wifi HotSpot wll allow one to access near by free wifi .WiFI Hacker is Very Easy to use.One can search for free wifi and connect to it without password. Wifi Single detector is one other feature ,WIFI signal detector show the strength of your wifi signals .Wifi Speed detector detects the speed of Wifi in Mbs.

Feature :
1. Easy to use, simple and real graphics.
2. Professional animations and real touch looks awesome.
3. Safe to wireless network
4. Harm nothing.
5. Beautiful Fun and Prank Friends.
6.Free wifi
7.WIFI signal detector
8. WIFI speed detector
9.wifi Hotspot

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