Background Video Recorder App Free For Android

By | June 5, 2020

Background Video Recorder

Hi friends in this article I will tell you Background Video Recorder App Free Download For Android. The best and new background video recorder. You can download free of cost and enjoy it. I feel very proud to tell this background video recorder.

video recorder is app camera for recording video in the background

background video recorder (BVR) is app camera normally help you recording video in the background. With option allow enable/disable camera shutter sound and camera preview. With many function useful as continue recording when screen off or schedule to recording. Easy use app by one click Video Recorder shortcut (Quick Record) or one click Widget. Support multiple over 50 languages. Check other apps on tips 4 net.

How Works?

This apps work in the same way that of camera. But major differece is th secret background recording feature. That put it superior to all. I hope that all of you will like this app and bring good reviews about this amazing app. You can record the record in your mobile phone. If you have to the recording will start in your phone if you guys want to secretly record video of any slave then today I have come up with a brand new model for you guys. Background Video Record is the name of this app. He will get this app quickly You can create a background video here You can create a flower here It has a lot of settings If you want to create a video in any size you want to download in Full hd You can also create a ground video recorder and they You can best app.Background Video Recorder App Free Download For Android.

Main Features:

Friends,The default, Android system will stop a recording when a file size reached 4GB or duration is 30 minutes. You can enable “Limit time and Repeat recording” feature to try. You should set max time is 30 minutes or shorter(the best choice is the duration of video on your device when a video file reached 4GB) to avoid crash file. Or if you are saving file on SD Card you should format SD Card is exFAT instead of FAT so the app can record video long time (more 30 minutes).Background Video Recorder App Free Download For Android.

Quick Video Recorder is a camera app which helps you record video by one click easily with the option to enable/disable camera shutter sounds and camera previews. Useful functions include continuous recording when your screen is off, scheduled recording, an easy to use one-click Video Recorder shortcut/widget & support for multiple languages.


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